To build a “Community Railway”, we are reaching out to the community to connect with friends of Tuen Mun.

Our team has been engaging with local residents and stakeholders with an aim to build a railway extension that addresses the needs of the community. We will strive to foster diversified development in the community and exchange views with residents through a series of exciting activities. Please stay tuned for the latest activities!

16 Sep 2023

Bring Mid-Autumn blessings to Tuen Mun Community

On 16 September 2023, the Tuen Mun South Extension project team teamed up with the New Railway Projects Youth Ambassadors from Lingnan University for a visit to over 40 elderlies of Yan Oi Tong Rainbow Community Integrated Development Centre in Yau Oi Estate, Tuen Mun. The team cracked lantern riddles and sang classic songs with the senior citizens and shared the latest development of railway projects. Most of the participants have been living in Tuen Mun for decades and they expressed anticipation towards revitalised Tuen Mun community to be brought by new railway. The team also sent warm festive blessings to the elderlies by distributing low-sugar mooncakes produced by social enterprise!

15 Aug 2023

Tuen Mun South Extension Project Summer Workshops
Diversified Learning Journeys enrich students’ understanding on Railway Planning

As the Tuen Mun South Extension (TME) project is moving into the construction stage, maintaining close communication with the local community is one of the important initiatives when the MTR Corporation embarks on the railway project. This summer, the project team rolled out brand new STEAM and Little Engineers workshops to enrich students’ understanding of the relationship between urban planning and railway development, allowing them to learn more about new railway projects in a lively and interesting manner.

Learning Railway Planning through “Go Green! Mini Train STEAM Workshop”

At the new series of STEAM “Padlet Design Workshops” launched this summer, the MTR team introduced to students about the factors determining stations’ location, such as serving the population and the surrounding environment, as well as stations’ sustainable architectural design. After learning the principles, the students were invited to unleash their imagination to create new railways with the Padlet, an online interactive map platform. Further demonstration of students’ artistic potential could be seen in turning recycled beverage carton boxes into a magnetic train model, adding so much fun to the learning experience. The workshops are new initiatives rolled out under the New Railway Projects Youth Ambassadors Programme in collaboration with the Lingnan University, in addition to school talks at kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in the district.

Little Engineers Workshop

Moreover, around 40 students from schools near the TME alignment, including YCH Law Chan Chor Si Primary School, Taoist Ching Chung Primary School and Taoist Ching Chung Primary School (Wu King Estate) were invited to a Little Engineers Workshop organised by JCI Bauhinia. At the workshop, one of the speakers, Ms Sandra Tam, Senior Design Management Engineer – Civil, introduced the low-carbon design of the future Tuen Mun South Station and application of new technologies at the worksite.

Students demonstrated great interest in the smart helmets showcased at the workshop and were excited to try on the helmets for snapshots of the special moment. They also visited the Zero Carbon Park to furnish themselves with knowledge on the latest application of technologies in sustainable buildings and railway projects.

“Salute to engineers, they are guardians of the city.” Said students

Students appreciated the summer workshops which enabled them to understand the work of engineers from different perspectives, rectifying some of the misunderstanding and stereotyping of engineers. They expressed that they could not wait to become engineers and looked forward to taking part in building a greener city.

20 Jul 2023

Races and Rice Dumplings! MTR Corporation Welcomes the Tuen Ng Festival with Hong Kong

The sound of pounding drums echoed across the water as the Tuen Ng Festival returned to town! The Tuen Mun South Extension Project team sponsored the "MTR Friendship Cup" in Tuen Mun District Dragon Boat Race. Members from the MTR light rail and bus operation teams rolled up their sleeves and won the 2nd runner up in the MTR Friendship Cup Race.

Being the award presenter for the “MTR Friendship Cup”, Project Manager-TME & HSK Mr Walter LAM of the MTR Corporation, mentioned that team spirit was the key to success in this traditional sport, where athletes are required to paddle at the same pace to achieve a common goal. As the Tuen Mun South Extension Project is entering construction stage this year, he believes the project team would build the community railway smoothly with good teamwork and community collaboration.

On 20 June, members from Tuen Mun South Extension Project as well as Corporate Affairs and Branding Function formed an MTR volunteer team to show their affection to the elderly and residents by distributing rice dumplings and gifts at various residential estates near Tuen Mun Ferry Pier.

02 Feb 2023

TME Celebrates Chinese New Year with the Communities

To usher in the Chinese New Year, the MTR Tuen Mun South Extension(TME) project teams visited the communities and supported a series of celebrations to enrich the festive atmosphere and foster community rapports. When the project team and community partners gathered to send warm blessings to the residents, they also took the opportunity to enhance stakeholders' understanding of the new railway projects.

On 15 January 2023, the MTR TME project sponsored and co-organised a Chinese New Year celebration event with Ching Chung Koon, a charitable organisation, at the Taoist Ching Chung Primary School (Wu King Estate). Together with the “New Railway Projects Youth Ambassadors” from Lingnan University, the TME volunteer team distributed 1,000 gift bags to the local community, sending blessings for good health, prosperity and stability.

Energetic students from the Taoist Ching Chung Primary School performed a traditional lion dance to kick-start the event. Ushered in by a vigorous drum beat, the lion dance energised the community with vitality and auspiciousness.

Mr Walter Lam, Project Manager - TME & HSK (1st right) and Mr Jimmy Poon, Chief Construction Manager - TME Civil (2nd right) of the MTR Corporation led the volunteer team in distributing gift bags to the community. A TME game booth allowed residents to get to know the project alignment and station locations in an interactive way and exchange views with the team.

To exude and enrich the festive vibes, Ching Chung Koon invited calligraphy masters to give out hand-written “Fai Chun” which were much welcomed by the community of all ages.

On 19 January 2023, the TME volunteer team joined the New Year Fair at the W.F.B. Mantra Institute Nursery School to celebrate the new year with the kids and their parents. A TME game booth was set up to enhance parents’ understanding of the new stations. With interactive games and attractive gifts, the team successfully brought joy and laughter to the community.

Apart from singing and a recital performance by the preschoolers, the fancy rope-skipping and drums performances by the YCH Law Chan Chor Si Primary School and Taoist Ching Chung Primary School (Wu King Estate) respectively contributed to the uplifting atmosphere.

02 Oct 2022

Railway talents join the Tuen Mun District Dragon Boat Race 2022

The sound of drums unveiled the long-awaited Tuen Mun Dragon Boat Race on 2 October 2022 in Tuen Mun River. The Corporation showed its support by sponsoring the MTR Friendship Cup as well as deploying a dragon boat team with railway talents including representatives of the Tuen Mun South Extension project. Although friendship comes before the spirit of competing, the rowers followed the drumbeats, dug their oars into the water and pulled with all their might. Nothing beats the fun and excitement of splashing through the waters of the Tuen Mun River!

The MTR team finished as the second runner-up in the MTR Friendship Cup at the Tuen Mun District Dragon Boat Race.

20 Sep 2022

Vibrant Tuen Mun South Extension Project: Interactive School Talks Engaging the Community for All Ages!

Alongside the railway development in Tuen Mun, MTR Corporation is joining hands with Lingnan University (LingU) for the “New Railway Projects Youth Ambassadors Programme”. Under the programme, energetic youth ambassadors unleashed their potential and gave presentation about the Tuen Mun South Extension project (TME) to schools in the district.

After comprehensive training, over 20 youth ambassadors joined MTR representatives and embarked on a journey from March 2021 to deliver more than 10 sessions of roving talks via physical or online platforms to over 2,000 students from schools, university, and community centre in Tuen Mun. Many of the participating institutions are located near the project alignment, including the Taoist Ching Chung Primary School (Wu King Estate), TWGHs Sun Hoi Directors’ College, and Caritas Jockey Club Integrated Service for Young People – Tuen Mun, etc. Through interactive school talks, our youth ambassadors introduced the latest project information and exchanged views with students, whilst offering a good opportunity for the university students to enhance their event management and presentation skills. The social harmony created via communication between the younger generations also deepened their understanding of urban planning.

There are over 80 schools in Tuen Mun. We are committed to bring out the essence of our Community Railway by actively engaging youngsters and kids through various school activities to demonstrate the “Community Railway” concept.

New Project? New Ideas!

In recent years, ‘Sustainability and low-carbon lifestyle’ have become the new trend in education, and TME is just a perfect match in offering such ideas. Students acknowledged all the energy saving and green station designs, and they also exchanged constructive ideas. Laughter and cheers echoed in the talks with exciting interactive online games bringing the fun to a whole new level. Winners were given a set of TME souvenirs.

The roving talks are on-going in Tuen Mun to introduce the TME project to students and deepen the link between the railway project and local communities.

Virtual Information Centre

Want to know more about TME? Check out the Virtual Information Centre for our exhibition, 3D model, animation and video.

03 Sep 2022

“TME Brightening Your Life” LED Lampshade Origami Workshop

To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with the community, the MTR Tuen Mun South Extension (TME) project team arranged two artistic LED lampshade origami workshops at Taoist Ching Chung Primary School (Wu King Estate) and Carmel Bunnan Tong Memorial Secondary School on 3 September 2022. In collaboration with the Hong Kong Origami Academy, students and teachers were taught to fold paper lampshades and decorate their own masterpieces with festive stickers. The students showed great enthusiasm for the art of origami and enjoyed the workshops very much. We also took the opportunity to share some of the TME project features when cracking riddles together with the workshop participants.

Pupils from Taoist Ching Chung Primary School (Wu King Estate) enjoyed the workshop and got to know some fun facts about railway construction.

Students from Carmel Bunnan Tong Memorial Secondary School mastered the lampshade-folding skills attentively.

31 Jan 2022

Tuen Mun South Extension Celebrates the Year of the Tiger with Community

To send blessings to the community in the Year of the Tiger, MTR Corporation supported the non-profit charity organization, Ching Chung Koon, to organize a Chinese New Year celebration activity. Lucky bags, Fai Chun and couplets were distributed to residents and housing estates in Tuen Mun District via different channels before the Chinese New Year.


The Fai Chun and couplets were written by Chinese calligraphers to share the festive joy.

19 Sep 2021

“New Stations at Tuen Mun” Autumn Market

The “New Stations at Tuen Mun” Autumn Market will take place at Tuen Mun Gold Coast Piazza at 11am on 19 September (Sunday)! There will be a number of stalls, including creative handcrafts for sale, workshops and street performances. Don’t miss out the exhibition and mini-game on the Tuen Mun South Extension project as well. You will receive a little gift after the game. See you there!

20 Aug 2021

The roving exhibition of Tuen Mun South Extension is officially launched!

The MTR Corporation is currently holding a roving exhibition in Tuen Mun South to introduce the alignment, station location and design features of the Tuen Mun South Extension Line.

Schedule of Roving Exhibitions (August to October 2021):

Date Venue
20/08/2021 – 27/08/2021 Ocean Walk L1
21/08/2021 – 27/08/2021 G/F, Butterfly Bay Community Centre
28/08/2021 – 03/09/2021 1/F, Wu Shan Road Community Hall
04/09/2021 – 10/09/2021 Nerine Cove #
06/09/2021 – 16/09/2021 Carmel Bunnan Tong Memorial Secondary School #
11/09/2021 – 17/09/2021 G/F, Lung Yat Community Hall
19/09/2021 G/F, Gold Coast Piazza
20/09/2021 – 24/09/2021 Glorious Garden
20/09/2021 – 26/09/2021 Wu King Estate
27/09/2021 – 29/09/2021 Lung Mun Oasis
04/10/2021 – 8/10/2021 Taoist Ching Chung Primary School (Wu King Estate) #

# Available for applicable groups only. The above is last updated on 29 Oct 2021.

07 Feb 2021

Tuen Mun South Extension sends early Lunar New Year greetings

During Lunar New Year in 2021, the project team partnered with a non-profit charity organisation, Ching Chung Koon, to organise a community Lunar New Year activity at Taoist Ching Chung Primary School (Wu King Estate) on 7 February. The team distributed anti-pandemic lucky bags to share the festive joy with the local community. Residents also received Fai Chun written by Chinese calligraphers.

Consultation Meeting

The preliminary design of the Tuen Mun South Extension has commenced. The Corporation will maintain close communication with the local community, provide updates on the latest progress and consult the public on the project, so as to build a “Community Railway” that addresses the needs of the community.

District Council
09 Jun 2023 Tuen Mun District Council Traffic & Transport Committee Tuen Mun South Extension Project Presentation material
02 Nov 2021 Tuen Mun District Council Tuen Mun South Extension Project Presentation material
29 Apr 2021 Tuen Mun District Council Working Group on Development and Planning of Tuen Mun District Tuen Mun South Extension
02 Mar 2021 Tuen Mun District Council Tuen Mun South Extension Presentation material
07 Jul 2020 Tuen Mun District Council Brief introduction of Tuen Mun South Extension Project

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