Tuen Mun South Extension for all
Your Needs in Tuen Mun

With the Tuen Ma Line extending to Tuen Mun South through the new railway extension, residents of Tuen Mun will be able to enjoy more convenient and comfortable journeys across the territory to their workplace, school and even anywhere to meet up with friends! The Tuen Mun South Extension is an approximately 2.4 km “community railway” that will extend the Tuen Ma Line southward from Tuen Mun Station to a new terminus near Tuen Mun Ferry Pier via A16 Station. In addition to the greater travelling convenience to be brought by the new railway extension which will connect the community south of the Tuen Mun town centre to the extensive MTR network, the residents’ quality of life will also be greatly enhanced through re-provisioning of community facilities with upgraded features.

Construction of the Tuen Mun South Extension is expected to commence in 2023 and target to be completed in around 2030. The extension will enhance connectivity south of the Tuen Mun town centre and create a better living environment for the community.

Key Information

Route Length

Approximately 2.4 km

2 New Stations

A16 Station and Tuen Mun South Station (temporary names)

Travelling Time

Tuen Mun South Station <-> Tuen Mun Station <5 Mins

Direct Trip

As an extension of the Tuen Ma Line, the Tuen Mun South Extension requires no interchange at Tuen Mun Station

Transportation Support

The two new stations will be adjacent to the Light Rail stops at Tuen Mun Ferry Pier, Siu Hei, Tuen Mun Swimming Pool and Goodview Garden for convenient interchange between Light Rail and the railway network.


In line with the existing MTR fare structure

Design Features

Upgrading Community Facilities

Existing Tuen Mun Swimming Pool

Community facilities affected by the construction will be re-provisioned,
e.g. a brand new swimming pool will be built with upgraded facilities based
on the Government’s standards.

Existing Wu Yuet Bridge

The pedestrian network around the stations will be enhanced. For
example, the footbridge across Wu King Road near Wu Yuet Street (Wu
Yuet Bridge) will be converted into an at-grade pedestrian crossing facility
to provide more direct and convenient access.

Project Timeline

Community support plays a vital role from the planning, design and construction of a new railway project to its completion. We will engage and collaborate with the community throughout the process towards the targeted opening to provide a safe, reliable and convenient railway service for the benefit of the community.


Commencement of Environmental Impact Assessment Study

Commencement of detailed planning and design


Scheme authorisation under the Railways Ordinance

Gazettal under the Railways Ordinance


Commencement of construction


Completion of construction

Note: The timeline may change subject to actual situation
*Scheme gazettal upon endorsement by the Government


The Tuen Mun South Extension will provide a sustainable railway service and hence a better quality of life for Tuen Mun residents.

Faster and More Environmentally Friendly

The Tuen Mun South Extension will connect the community south of the Tuen Mun town centre and the Tuen Mun Ferry Pier with the existing railway network, providing the community with more safe, reliable, convenient and comfortable railway service to travel across the territory. The travelling time between Tuen Mun Station and Tuen Mun South Station near Tuen Mun Ferry Pier will be less than 5 minutes. It will also help relieve road traffic congestion, reduce air pollution, noise nuisance, and carbon emissions in the region.

Unlock New Opportunities in Community

The Tuen Mun South Extension will extend the railway service of the Tuen Ma Line to the community south of Tuen Mun town centre. It will not only facilitate the mobility of individuals, but also infuse vitality into the neighborhood, and unleash the development potential of the region. New employment and business opportunities brought by railway development will also foster social, business and economic growth in the long run.