Environmental mitigation measures

Development along with Environmental Protection

The Corporation attaches great importance to environmental protection in the design and construction process when implementing the railway project, and makes every effort to minimise the project’s impact on the surrounding environment while ensuring compliance with relevant statutory requirements.

Environmental Impact Assessment

The Environmental Impact Assessment Report has been approved and Environmental Permit has been obtained for the project. It is expected that the noise and air quality level during the project construction and railway operation will comply with relevant statutory requirements.

Environmental Monitoring

During construction, regular monitoring such as noise and air quality monitoring will be conducted in the vicinity of the project alignment to ensure compliance with relevant environmental requirements.

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Common Mitigation Measures during Construction

Noise Reduction

Dust Reduction

Buildings, Structures and Public Utilities Monitoring


A stringent monitoring mechanism was formulated prior to construction, and monitoring points will be installed on the buildings, structures and public utilities in the vicinity of the project alignment.


During construction, buildings, structures and public utilities will be closely monitored to ensure structural safety.

Pre-construction Condition Surveys

Prior to works commencement, the Corporation appointed a consultant to carry out condition surveys on a need basis for buildings and structures near the work areas. Visual inspections, photo records and measurements were conducted to record the existing condition of the building structures and facilities.