27 Nov 2023

Construction of Tuen Mun South Extension Commences
Infusing Vibrancy and Creating Opportunities for Tuen Mun

Mr Carl Devlin, Capital Works Director of MTR Corporation (3rd left); Mr Jimmy Chan, JP, Director of Highways (3rd right); Mr Michael Kwan, JP, District Officer (Tuen Mun) of Home Affairs Department (2nd left); Mr Eddie Leung, Principal Government Engineer of Railway Development Office, Highways Department (2nd right); Mr Barry Sum, General Manager – New Territories (Projects) of MTR Corporation (1st left); and Mr Derek Zen, Chairman of Build King Holdings Limited (1st right) officiated at the Kick-off Event to celebrate the works commencement for the Tuen Mun South Extension project.

New railway projects are commencing construction progressively from 2023. A kick-off event for the Tuen Mun South Extension (TME) project was held on 31 October which was joined by relevant government departments, working partners and community representatives to celebrate the project entering into the construction stage and turning a new page for the development of Tuen Mun District. At the event, representatives of residents and schools expressed their anticipation and excitement towards the project commencement.

Mr Carl Devlin, Capital Works Director of MTR Corporation and Mr Jimmy Chan, JP, Director of Highways officiated the eye-dotting ceremony for the lions with other officiating guests, wishing for smooth construction of the new railway project which will infuse vibrancy to the Tuen Mun Community upon completion.

“Upon completion, TME will provide direct railway connection to the Tuen Mun South community and residents can enjoy convenient travel to different parts of Hong Kong through the railway network. Apart from railway construction, the project will also re-provision and upgrade a number of community facilities thus enhancing residents’ living standard. Among the re-provisioning works, re-provisioning of the Tuen Mun Swimming Pool is the major one. The new swimming pool will incorporate various upgraded features, such as all-weather indoor heated pools and the number of spectator seats will be nearly doubled,”
— Mr Carl Devlin, Capital Works Director of MTR Corporation

TME is positioned as a “community railway” in the well-developed Tuen Mun South community. To make way for the construction, a number of community facilities have to be relocated and the community’s support and opinions are therefore crucial to take forward the project.

Since the planning and design stage of the project in 2020, the project team has been maintaining close communication with the community and endeavouring to incorporate community opinions as much as practicable. One of the examples of responding to community’s requests is the adoption of “re-provision before demolition” approach for the works. The Tuen Mun Swimming Pool will be reprovisioned and upgraded before the demolition of the existing swimming pool. In addition, the GREEN@TUEN MUN Community Green Station and pet garden will also adopt the same re-provisioning approach.

The project team will continue to take forward the project towards the target completion in 2030. Upon completion of the new railway extension, the Tuen Mun South area will be transformed into a railway community with new possibilities.