28 Jun 2024

Find out more about Tuen Mun South Extension: Engineering Diver

The Tuen Mun South Extension is a railway extension on a viaduct along the Tuen Mun River. To prepare for the foundation and structural works for the viaduct and part of the A16 Station, temporary working platforms are being built on the riverbed. Engineering divers are helping us on the first step of work – riverbed levelling.

The engineering divers act like an “underwater compass” to maintain instant communication with the team above water through walkie-talkies to ensure the rock materials are laid at the desired location on the riverbed. The divers need to have multiple dives in a half working day for physical work and to maintain high alertness when facing different situations above and under the river. Let’s comment on the post and express gratitude to the engineering divers.

Note: The station name is working title only.