13 Jun 2024

Integrating With the Community - Celebrating the Tuen Ng Festival Together

With works just commenced on the Tuen Mun River, the Tuen Mun South Extension (TME) project team, together with the light rail and bus operations teams formed the MTR Tuen Mun dragon boat team, putting in blood, sweat and tears to rally on the Tuen Mun River and compete in the Tuen Mun Dragon Boat Race.

Colleagues from the TME project team and the light rail and bus operations teams joined together to compete in the Tuen Mun Dragon Boat Race and fight for the “MTR Friendly Cup”.

The new projects teams also connected with the community by interacting with the youth during the festival via different engagement works and activities. This helped different stakeholder groups to understand how railway development has grown and changed with society, providing more connections among different communities.

The TME projects team partnered with an MTR volunteer group to visit the Islamic Primary School in Tuen Mun. They introduced and celebrated traditional Chinese customs with the ethnic minority students through the Tuen Ng Rice Dumpling Sachet workshop. The students also learnt more on the latest news of TME as well as railway development within their own community.

The TME projects team co-organised a Tuen Ng Rice Dumpling Sachet workshop with the Islamic Primary School, sharing the origins and the joy of the festivities.