20 Jul 2023

Races and Rice Dumplings! TME Welcomes the Tuen Ng Festival with the Community

The sound of pounding drums echoed across the water as the Tuen Ng Festival returned to town! The Tuen Mun South Extension Project team sponsored the “MTR Friendship Cup” in Tuen Mun District Dragon Boat Race. Members from the MTR light rail and bus operation teams rolled up their sleeves and won the 2nd runner up in the MTR Friendship Cup Race.

Being the award presenter for the “MTR Friendship Cup”, Project Manager-TME & HSK Mr Walter LAM of the MTR Corporation, mentioned that team spirit was the key to success in this traditional sport, where athletes are required to paddle at the same pace to achieve a common goal. As the Tuen Mun South Extension Project is entering construction stage this year, he believes the project team would build the community railway smoothly with good teamwork and community collaboration.

On 20 June, members from Tuen Mun South Extension Project as well as Corporate Affairs and Branding Function formed an MTR volunteer team to show their affection to the elderly and residents by distributing rice dumplings and gifts at various residential estates near Tuen Mun Ferry Pier.