15 Feb 2024

Tuen Mun South Extension Celebrates the Year of the Dragon with Community

To welcome the Year of the Dragon, the Tuen Mun South Extension (TME) project team participated and supported a series of festive events organised by local partners. Through these community engagement activities, we aimed to spread festive blessings and strengthen ties with stakeholders as we ushered in an auspicious new year. The TME project team joined gatherings held by various organisations in the community and co-organised different Chinese New Year activities with several local organisations, including the non-profit charity Ching Chung Koon and various local schools, instilling joyous atmosphere into the community.

The TME has entered the construction stage, with works commenced in the district, representatives of the MTR project team, including Walter Lam, Project Manager – TME & HSK; Jimmy Poon, Chief Construction Manager – TME Civil and Connie Hon, Chief Corporate Communications Manager – Capital Works and the project team members took the opportunity to visit the community, sending the New Year’s greetings to residents of Tuen Mun.

Mr Walter Lam, Project Manager – TME & HSK of MTR Corporation, sent blessings to various stakeholders and introduced the project progress in the gathering held by the Tuen Mun Rural Committee.

The TME project team, together with the New Railway Projects Youth Ambassadors from Lingnan University, gave out lucky bags to the local residents. Distribution of lucky bags carrying out double meaning, not only did we spread out the blessings, it was also an opportunity to connect with residents and listen to their views. We believe that through these community visits, we are living out the true value of community engagement.

On top of that, calligraphers were invited to craft auspicious phrases on Fai Chun as gifts to the neighbours, with the aroma of ink filling the air, and the lion dances lifted up the celebration. While the residents enthusiastically received the fiery red Fai Chun, which carried all the good hope for the new year, the event have set a good relationship with the neighbourhood of Tuen Mun as well as creating a wonderful community spirit in the beginning of year 2024.

The TME project team also participated in a Chinese Culture Learning Day at the Islamic Primary School, introducing traditional Chinese New Year customs to students from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Through the exhibition booth and game, the students also deepened their understanding of the TME project. Amidst the strong Chinese New Year atmosphere, the students wished the project great success!