Connecting Tuen Mun South (1st Edition)

Construction of the Tuen Mun South Extension (TME) project has commenced. The “Connecting Tuen Mun South” online project newsletter will bring you updates of the project, construction progress, community activities and even more.

In this inaugural issue, we have for you:

1. MTR Kick-starting Multiple Railway Projects TME Infusing Vibrancy to the Community

The MTR Corporation is currently undertaking several new railway projects, including the Tuen Mun South Extension (TME) to expand the coverage of the MTR network, connect and build communities, and promote the development of smart cities.

TME Alignment

Station Features

A16 Station and Tuen Mun South Station are an above-ground and an elevated station respectively with sustainable features. The new stations aim to achieve low carbon emissions while integrating into the community.

2. Re-provisioning and Upgrading Various Community Facilities

In addition to railway construction, the project will re-provision and upgrade various community facilities to enhance the quality of living of Tuen Mun residents. Adopting the “re-provision before demolition” approach, several re-provisioning projects have already commenced. Click to have a glimpse of the re-provisioning projects, including for the Tuen Mun Swimming Pool.

3. Construction Updates

Construction of a railway in a well-developed community is no easy task. The project covers works at various locations and the Tuen Mun River. Overview of locations of key works site at the initial construction stage

During construction, temporary traffic management schemes have to be implemented near the works sites. Latest notices


Development along with Environmental Protection

The Corporation attaches great importance to environmental protection in the design and construction process when implementing the new railway projects. We make every effort to minimise the project’s impact on the surrounding environment while ensuring compliance with relevant statutory requirements. Learn more about Environmental Mitigation

4. Connecting the Community

Informative Project Exhibition at Ocean Walk from 28/3 – 10/4

From 28 March to 10 April 2024, a TME exhibition will be held at L1 Ocean Walk to introduce the latest works information. Come and explore more about this new railway. Interactive activities and a photo spot will be available!


Community Liaison Groups

Since 2020 and prior to works commencement, we have organised and participated in more than 100 community activities (including seminars, exhibitions and sharing sessions) to enhance communications with the community.

As the project entered the construction phase, two Community Liaison Groups & the Wu King Road School Liaison Group were formed and over 30 meetings have been arranged to exchange views with local representatives and share project updates. 


Project Kick-off Ceremony

A Kick-off Event for the TME project was held in October 2023 and the ceremony was graced by the presence of representatives from relevant government departments, working partners and community representatives. The celebration marked the beginning of the construction of the TME project.


Celebrating Chinese New Year with Community

To welcome the Year of the Dragon, the TME project team reached out to celebrate the new year with the community together with our local partners in February 2024. A series of festive events were organised to spread cheer and blessings in the community. Events highlights