02 May 2024

TME Project connects with the community and
enhances project transparency through diversified initiatives

The MTR Corporation is taking forward a series of new railway projects, among which the construction of the Tuen Mun South Extension (TME) has commenced progressively. The TME project team has been organising exhibitions and game booths in the community to deepen understanding of the project and ensure that project information is widely disseminated. Recently, the team provided the community with the latest project updates through diversified channels.

Interactive TME Exhibition

A two-week TME exhibition was held from 28 March to 10 April at Ocean Walk in Tuen Mun and was popular among residents. The TME project team and New Railway Projects Youth Ambassadors from Lingnan University formed a docent team to brief visitors on the latest project information such as station photomontages, community facilities being re-provisioned before demolition, the railway project cycle, as well as noise and dust mitigation at works sites. Furthermore, interactive elements and a photo spot were featured. The exhibition attracted over 16,000 visitors, and many invited Tuen Mun District Councilors and community representatives also came to visit and showed their support. The event created a lively atmosphere as the project team listened to community feedback and directly answered residents’ queries. Ultimately, the exhibition concluded with the public’s anticipation for the completion of the new stations.

Introducing Project Information across Online and Offline Multi-platforms

Digital platforms are essential for enhancing project transparency and keeping the community abreast of the latest updates. The inaugural edition of the TME project e-newsletter “Connecting Tuen Mun South” has been launched, bringing residents updates on the project, construction progress, community activities and even more.

The project team also maintains communication with the community on the project works through various online and offline platforms, such as putting up interactive posters at works sites and launching website newsfeeds, making it easier for stakeholders to stay informed and understand the project better.

Site Posters

Project Website Newsfeed

Learn more about the TME project: https://mtrtuenmunsouth.hk/?lang=en

Other new railway projects: https://www.mtr.com.hk/en/corporate/projects/projects_new_index.html